Friday, 13 July 2012

Japonesque Lipstick Palette

I follow Lisa Eldridge all the time on YouTube and via her website/blog. She is one of my favourite makeup/beauty gurus on YouTube. I think she is utterly amazing! 
I took inspiration through her lip palette that she created and decided to create one myself.
I bought the Japonesque 36 Well  Lip Palette from and it cost me £21.50 plus £3.50 postage.

The palette is made of plastic (both inside which is white and outside which is black) and has slot on the inside for a lip brush. It comes with a see-through sheet that is stored in between the palette to make sure that the colours do not mix together. This can be wiped clean after use. 

I made sure that when I created the palette, I had a mixture of shades, tones and textures to create a universal 'go-to' palette.

My lip shades are:

(Left hand side of the palette - going from left to right downwards):
  • Shu Uemura - PK320M
  • Chanel - Chance
  • Mac - Saint Germain
  • MAC - Angel
  • Mac - Creme Cup
  • Estee Lauder - Pink Sands
  • MAC - Plink!
  • MAC - Lovelorn
  • MAC - Speed Dial
  • MAC - Chatterbox
  • MAC - Sweetie
  • Avon - Frostiest Mauve
  • MAC - Syrup
  • MAC - Rude D'bois
  • Makeup International - Plum Blues
  • Makeup International - Purple Rock
  • Avon - Personified Plum
  • Avon - Divine Wine

(Right hand side of the palette - going from left to right downwards):

  • MAC - Rubywoo
  • Avon - Charged Cherry
  • Avon - Apricot Mystery
  • Makeup International - Charged Cherry
  • Makeup International - Orange Boogie
  • MAC - Ravishing
  • MAC - Gotta Dash
  • Makeup International - Electric Orange
  • MAC - Creme D Nude
  • MAC - Hue
  • MAC - Cherish
  • Makeup International - Latin Gold
  • MAC - Patisserie 
  • Avon- Never So Nude
  • MAC - Half n Half
  • MAC - Creme In Your Coffee
  • MAC - Midimauve
  • MAC - Faux
MAC lipsticks are £14 each -
Avon lipsticks -
Makeup International Lip Palette (where I decanted mine from) -

I decanted my popular lipsticks into the palette by making sure the lipstick I was going to put into the palette was soft enough to slice off using a spatula. That way, the remaining lipstick in the tube would still be hygienic and well presented if i needed to use it from the tube.
Once I cut off the right size for the slot in the palette, I used a spatula to press the lipstick down into place and smooth it out to the outer edges of the allotted space. I did this method to all my well-used lipsticks. I put this in the fridge overnight to make sure that the lipsticks set into place.
I haven't put a lip brush into the palette, however if I did, I would put a disposable lip brush in there instead of a full size brush. That way, the palette stays hygienic for longer.

The Japonesque palette is great for mixing shades together and great for makeup artists or lipstick lovers that want to condense their lipstick collection down into one easy-to-use palette. 
The great aspect of these palettes are that if you wanted to change the colours around or put new ones in, simply just clean them out and replace them! 
I suggest cleaning the palette and changing the lipsticks regularly to ensure hygiene is met. 

I am thinking of getting another couple of lip palettes, so that I can have a palette of reds, neutrals/browns and pinks. 
Japonesque have another palette that they suggest storing foundations in - which I think would work really well with lipsticks too. 
This is the Japonesque Lip Palette 35 Well with Divider and this can also be found at which costs £27.95 plus £3.50 postage.
I think this palette is more sturdier than the Japonesque 36 Well  Lip Palette, as it has more of a bulky, solid material to it and it has a latch on the opening to secure it together. 

I am always so interested in how other people have created their palettes - cosmetic brands, shades and textures. 

I hope this was helpful! 
Feel free to leave comments or questions :)

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  1. I just found you and am so glad! We are in the same situation, building our kits. I'd love to ear more from you. xx