Tuesday 4 September 2012

Monsoon Scarf

Hi guys!
Just thought I'd show you my new scarf. 
My lovely mum bought it for me as the weather is getting a little colder now.
It was £20 from Monsoon Accessorize. I love it!


Friday 24 August 2012

Liebster blog

I have never heard of a liebster blog award before until I was nominated by Beauty Box http://www.beautyboxuk.blogspot.co.uk/ via twitter. So I read through their blog and understood what it was and what I had to do. 

It's for up-and-coming bloggers with under 200 followers. Simply answer the questions that the blogger has left for you to answer and repeat the process with your favourite up-and-coming bloggers.

So a big thankyou to Beauty Box for selecting me!

1)    What is your favourite type of blog post to read?
Makeup or beauty blogs. Anything with pictures, swatches and clear photos of the products. I am a very visual person :)

2)    What is your favourite book?
The Vampire Diaries. I love all the books and the TV series too. Cant wait for season 4!

3)    Dramatic eyes or bright lips?
Ooo...that's tough. Bright lips. I love a flawless face with great lashes and bright lips. 

4)    Where is your favourite place to shop?
Makeup - Debenhams and MAC.
Clothes - Holllister, Zara and H&M.

5)    Shoes or handbags?
Handbags :) 

6)    Which perfume are you always reaching for?
Juicy Couture; Viva La Juicy. It's so sweet and fruity. Love it!

7)    What would be your dream career?
Senior Artist at MAC Cosmetics. Being a part of MAC's backstage team doing makeup for catwalks and different events. 
To also work on celebrities. 

8)    How would you describe your sense of style?
For clothing: simple, girly, pretty

9)    Which two beauty products would you recommend everyone should try?
ESPA skincare line.
Botanicals skincare line. 
Both amazing brands. What I call my luxury SPA products. Smell gorgeous and feel amazing on the skin.

10) What’s the best present you have ever been given?
A necklace from my uncle for my 18th birthday.

11) What’s your favourite nail varnish?
OPI tickle my france-y 

I would write questions for my new found favourite bloggers but majority have over 200 followers so this wouldnt work :(
But I hope this was useful or interesting for all those who read my reviews :)
Thanks for reading!

Thursday 23 August 2012

My Freelance Makeup Brushes

I love brushes. I can't help but buy them. I managed to purchase a lot of mine through IMATS www.IMATS.net in the last 2 years. IMATS is fantastic. International makeup artist trade show. It's held in London for all those MUA's in the UK. You do not have to be a makeup artist to attend! All makeup lovers are welcome. The stalls sell makeup, beauty and equipment at trade prices. There are celebrity makeup artists that hold seminars that you can sit in whilst they carry out demonstrations etc. It's great! I always spend too much money there :( especially on brushes. Addicted!

My favourite brush belt

So, I have 2 brush belts. Both MAC. One is my backup which has my least favourite brushes in. The other is my go-to belt (above). 
My brushes include brands from MAC, Crown, Royal and Langnickel and Real Techniques. All of these brands have websites that you can purchase their stock online.

Personally, MAC is my favourite brush line. However, Crown are very affordable and still have fantastic quality bristles and handles to them. They have a wide range of brushes, styles of handles and different types of hair that you wish to use.
I normally take as many brushes as I think I'll need for my freelance jobs. 
I put all my best brushes in the photo to show you guys my different branded brushes and how I store them in the belt. 
I do not normally carry this many otherwise they tend to dent the brush hair if too many are crammed in and it would be heavy to wear. 
I suggest a brush roll for any spares or extra's. EMJ sell great brush rolls! Check them out: www.theemjcompany.com

Face brushes LEFT
Eye and Lip brushes RIGHT

I tend to keep all my 'face' brushes (such as foundation, blending, contour and powder brushes) on the left hand side and all my eye/lip brushes on the right hand side (blending, laydown, precision, eyeliner and mascara wands).

I always make sure I have sponges, small scissors and lip moisturiser in the bottom half in case I need to grab it quick.
Here are a few of my all-time-favourite brushes.

Real techniques:

I bought the eye and face set from IMATS this year from the Real Techniques stand in London for my kit. When I got home that day, I heard that they were going to be stocked in Boots www.boots.com so I purchased another 2 sets for myself when they were released. 
These two brushes are my favourite from the collection, especially the one on the left. It blends out makeup flawlessly and gets into all the contours of the face. Easy to use and clean!


  • MAC 130 - £29   
I always use this brush - for me, this brush is amazing for applying foundation, powder and cream product. It gives a flawless finish and buffs the product into the skin, making the products last longer. It makes the skin appear smooth and even. I have a few of these in my kit as I know I will always use them. 
However, they are quite pricey but well worth the money as they are a great applicator and clean very well. I hardly loose any hairs from this brush which is great and have lasted me for quite some time!

  • MAC 217 - £17
I think that everyone has heard of this brush. Its amazing. I have 5 or 6 of these in just one belt! Great buffing tool, great laydown brush, blends amazingly and can be used for all types of makeup - not just for the eyes. I like using this brush for detailed blending in areas of the face when applying foundation to make the skin look airbrushed and perfect.
  • MAC 239 - £19 
Another fab brush. I use this to laydown eyeshadow, glitter or pigments and to apply dark shadow along the lashline or in the outer corners of the eye. 

  • MAC 168 - £26.00 
This brush is great for contouring or sculpting the face as the angle of the brush sits perfectly into the bones of the face. I use this with powders or bronzers. The bristles of this brush are so soft and always spring back into the correct shape after washing.


  • SILK PRO range.

What I love about these two brushes - they are both domed. They are both perfect for blending and applying powder makeup. The bristles are so soft and of such good quality. The handles are lovely too - with the brand scripted into the handle - reminding you of the brushes names if you wanted to re-purchase. If looked after, these brushes will last a lifetime! They fall back into shape after cleaning and I have not had a hair drop out on me yet. They arrive in plastic packets so they are well protected in the post. Amazing brushes. They are my 'luxury' brushes as they are slightly more expensive but I can see why. I recommend attending IMATS for these or keeping an eye out for the sale on Royal and Langnickels website or from www.love-makeup.co.uk

I always clean my brushes regularly for hygiene reasons. This also keeps them intact and last longer if you take care of them over the years. MAC brush cleaner is £9.50 online or in store. I either use that or a mild gentle shampoo if I have run out of MAC.

Thanks for reading guys :)
Please leave any comments or questions below.

Monday 20 August 2012

HD Brows Palette in Foxy

HD Brows
HD brows have become ever-so-popular in the last year. High definition to a brow entails threading, waxing, plucking, tinting and using colour to define any sparse areas of the brow. 

There are 3 different HD brows palettes. Foxy for brunettes, Bombshell for blondes and Vamp for those with very dark hair. Each palette has a brush applicator and mirror inside.
The palette I have is Foxy. www.hd-brows.co.uk

There are 4 shades inside the palette that can be used to define the brows (highlight, main fill colour etc.) and these colours can be mixed to achieve the desired colour to suit your brow colour and skin tone. See swatches below.

HD Palette in Foxy Swatches

I love this palette and will think of investing in the other 2 if I can get my hands on them! It will definitely stay in my freelance kit as I think this palette can suit most brows when mixed.
I would like to do the HD Brows course but at this moment in time, I would have to travel quite far to have the training - which is a shame.

Hope the swatches and info was useful guys.
Thanks for reading!

My new camera: Canon EOS 550D

Hi guys!
Thought I'd share my new camera that I bought this week! Needed something that would take great quality pictures for all my freelance work and blogging. 

This is the Canon EOS 550D. I bought this camera from Jessops online www.jessops.co.uk
Saved £200 on the original price which was fantastic. Still alot of money but definitely worth it. 
It's 18mp and has 2 lenses - one is 18-55mm (close ups) and the other is 75-300mm (long distance).

I am really happy with the quality and the editing disk that the camera comes with. Just the basics - such as contrast, brightness and sharpness etc. Gives the option to look at the before and after photo of your edit and without. It also allows for different types of shooting such as portraits, close ups, moving objects etc.

Its easy to use and the manual is straight forward to read and understand instructions. 
Good first DSLR! 

I will be posting more makeup reviews soon, with swatches and photos from this camera.
Watch this space! :)

Tuesday 7 August 2012

Makeup Forever HD Blush

Makeup forever HD blushes
Hi guys!

I'm sure you can all guess where I first saw these wonderful products... 
Lisa Eldridge www.lisaeldridge.com. I adore her makeup tutorials. 

I bought mine from www.gurumakeupemporium.com for £22.50 each plus £2.95 postage. The postage is quite fast with this company which is a bonus!
It is expensive, however you only need a teeny tiny pump of product as it goes along way. Not even a pea sized amount!

Swatches of my  Makeup forever HD blushes
My shades are (from left to right):
  • 6 Coral
  • 5 Warm pink
  • 8 Light Rosewood
  • 7 Light Peach
  • 2 Carmine

These blushes are very pigmented, have amazing staying power and are fantastic quality. They come in a variety of shades, which is great for all different skin tones. They photograph beautifully.
Once applied and blended, they dry matte. I love using a MAC 130 brush to apply this as it buffs into the skin really nicely and gives an airbrush finish.

I'm not sure what happened to my HD blush on the far right; I think I should have shook the bottle thoroughly before putting it onto my hand but this has never happened before - so don't let it put you off of purchasing these amazing blushes.

Here is a video on how Makeup Forever apply this blush:

I really want to try the HD foundations, powders and primer, as I think these will look amazing on the skin; especially for photoshoots or brides. I always have them in my kit now!

Hope this was useful guys!
Please leave any comments or questions below.
Thanks for reading :)

Friday 3 August 2012

BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector in Pearl

BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector in Pearl

I have heard a lot of good things about this product from one of my all time favourite Youtube and beauty blogger Lisa Eldridge www.lisaeldridge.com. I loved the finish that this gave in her tutorials, so yet again, I was inspired to buy it to use in my kit. 
I thought that it should have a mention on here, as it's such a must-have product.

I bought this product from BECCA's website www.beccacosmetics.com. 
You can also buy this product online at cultbeauty or love-makeup
BECCA does have a flagship store in Pelham Street - London, so if you live close by, drop by to browse! 

It costs £33 plus £6 delivery charges. You get 50ml/1.7 fl oz in the bottle.
It is expensive, but you do get a lot of product for your money! One tiny drop goes along way.
This highlighter is in a pump dispenser container, so it's more of a controlled application.

The BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector's beneficial factors

  • can be used as a highlighter (put on the high points of the face)
  • can be mixed into foundation for a dewy finish
  • or to use as a primer if you would like a dewy glow 
  • it also has an SPF of 20+ and protects the skin against 96% of both UVA and UVB rays which is fantastic! (however, keep to a minimum if photos are being taken with flash; as this can make you appear ghostly)
  • Contains anti-oxidant vitamins A, B, D, and E
  • Contains soothing, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic ingredients, so great for sensitive skin types

BECCA also have 2 other shades in the shimmering skin perfector  collection. They are called
Opal (which is a soft pinky gold for mid skin tones) and Topaz (more golden bronze highlight for dark skin tones).

BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector in Pearl.
My skin tone is fair and combination (mix of MAC's NC15 and NC20 foundations)
and this is the effect is has.

The BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector in Pearl is a gorgeous colour to use on fair skin tones like myself! The swatch above was 1 pump full - which was rubbed into my hand. It dries matte and gives the most flattering glow onto the skin. The swatch has the maximum highlight potential on my skin - reflecting the light particles in the product. If used on the right parts of the face, it can give luminosity and radiance to the face.

I always keep this product in my kit now. Never lets me down! Highly recommended, especially to fellow makeup artists!

Hope this was helpful or useful guys!
Please leave any comments or questions below.
Thanks for reading :)

Piha Swimwear

Hi guys!
I know this isn't makeup or beauty related but I wanted to review this!
I tweeted the other day saying that I had just purchased a swimsuit from New Look and it arrived today! I was actually quite nervous about buying this item as I don't normally buy clothing like this with my money....just makeup and beauty products

So the swimsuit I bought is from New Look www.newlook.com.
I bought it for my break away to Centre Parcs Elvden forest in November. Going to see the fireworks with the boyfriend and family. Plus, the new ride should be open too by then (fingers crossed) - YAY!

I thought I'd buy some sort of swimwear sooner rather than later, as I feel that bikinis and tankinis are not flattering on me at all. I wanted a swimsuit that was still pretty and girly - which was actually quite hard to find!

The brand is called Piha and can be found online at New look. I bought this for £47 including delivery. It arrived within 3 days, which was quite quick considering the Olympics is on at the moment.

It is a lot of money; in my opinion. But it's worth it:

  • The quality is really good
  • It fits well on the body 
  • Is comfortable to wear
  • It also has removable pads around the bust (personal preference).

The first thing that I liked about this swimsuit was the pattern, navy with white dots. I always think navy goes well with blonde hair so this was a bonus! I also like the stripes around the neckline, which contrast nicely against the dots. Sailor-looking!

It's actually quite slimming too, which was one of the factors I was looking for when purchasing. So for any body self concious people out there like me, this is a great buy! 

Hope this was useful for anyone looking for swimwear!
 Thanks for reading guys :)
Please leave any comments or questions below.

Thursday 2 August 2012

MAC Eyeshadow palette (MAC makeup kit)

Hi guys! 

I said I would review all my palettes that I have, so here is another! I have a neutrals palette that I will blog about next, but I need to re-purchase the refills as they are nearly gone! Want to swatch fresh/full shadows for you, so you get a true viewing.

Excuse the tape on the palette guys - I dropped it and the lid snapped off :(
I haven't gone and bought another yet, so I stuck the lid back on as best I could to protect the shadows.

One of my MAC eyeshadow palettes with pro palette eyeshadow refills.

I gave information about the palette and the eyeshadow refills in my last blog post, which was the Grey MAC Palette Review (can be found in my blog archive > ) but here it is again incase you missed it!

The eye palettes that I use are from MAC or www.maccosmetics.com.
They are £11.50 each and they hold 15 eyeshadows
The pro palette eyeshadow refill pans that you place into the container can also be found at MAC. 
They are £10 each for 1.5g and can be bought from www.maccosmetics.com or at a MAC counter. 

MAC do sell other palettes that can hold less eyeshadows. 
One costs £6.50 and holds eyeshadow refills. The other costs £6.50 and holds pro palette eyeshadow refills.

Close up of my mac eyeshadow palette

Here are the shades:
(going down each column in the palette)

  • Blanc type
  • Orb
  • Vapour
  • Yoghurt
  • Phloof!
  • Jest
  • Era
  • Kid
  • Soba
  • Texture
  • Folie
  • Brun
  • Blackberry
  • Sketch
  • Shadowy lady

Swatches of the eyeshadow palette

Like my other palettes; these eyeshadows are amazing. Brilliant quality, highly pigmented and range in all different shades and finishes. Well worth the money as they last for ages! 

I always like to have a range of different finishes and tones through the palette.
Making sure I have a highlight, a mid tone and a dark colour. Also, making sure I have a lustre, frost, matte and satin finish to create different looks - adding dimension.

The great factor about these eyeshadows are: 
  • that they do not fall out (from personal use)
  • can be enhanced by using a cream base (such as MAC's paint pot - £14.50 from www.maccosmetics.com) or by using a good long lasting primer 
  • and that I have never had a MAC eyeshadow that has broke or shattered on me. That includes individuals and pro pan refills. 

I always keep my palettes clean for hygiene reasons and to stop the colours from mixing together. I really trust this brand to deliver well!

I hope you found this review helpful or useful guys.
Let me know what you think!
Leave any questions or comments below:)
Thanks for reading.

My favourite grey toned MAC eyeshadow palette

My favourite Grey toned MAC palette

I love MAC. I really do! I wouldn't use any other powder eyeshadow in my kit.
When I first went into MAC, I bought the indiviual eyeshadows which are £12 each from www.maccosmetics.com.

When I realized that I wanted to be a makeup artist, I started building my kit with MAC. I was fortunate enough to have MAC makeup artists teach me at college www.norfolkbeautytraining.co.uk and they gave me the chance to have MAC PRO student discount for a year. I recieved 15% off - which is great! Was extremely lucky!

I found out that MAC sold customizable palettes (for blush and eyeshadows).
You can buy the blush palette from MAC or www.maccosmetics.com for £11.50
The pro palette blush refills are £14.50 each for 6g and the palette holds 6 blushers

The eye palettes that I use are from MAC or www.maccosmetics.com.
They are £11.50 each and they hold 15 eyeshadows
The pro palette eyeshadow refill pans that you place into the container can also be found at MAC. 
They are £10 each for 1.5g and can be bought from www.maccosmetics.com or at a MAC counter. 

MAC do sell other palettes that can hold less eyeshadows. 
One costs £6.50 and holds 2 eyeshadow refills. The other costs £6.50 and holds 4 pro palette eyeshadow refills.

Close up of my MAC eyeshadows
Swatches of palette going from left to right on each ROW

Here are my shades for my grey toned palette:
(going down each column the palette)
  • White Frost
  • Forgery
  • Brule
  • Shroom
  • Coquette
  • Copperplate
  • Concrete
  • Shale
  • Scene
  • Electra
  • Silver Ring
  • Knight Divine
  • Print
  • Typographic
  • Carbon

These eyeshadows are amazing. Brilliant quality, highly pigmented and range in all different shades and finishes. Well worth the money as they last for ages! 

Top ROW of palette:
white frost, shroom, concrete, electra, print
Second ROW of palette:
forgery, coquette, shale, sliver ring, typographic
Third ROW of palette:
brule, copperplate, scene, knight divine, carbon

Wednesday 1 August 2012

Chanel Illusion D'ombre: 81 Fantasme

It was Lisa Eldridgewww.lisaeldridge.com - who got me addicted to these beautiful eyeshadows. I already have the Chanel Illusion D'ombre in shade Emerveille (which is a lovely sparkly peachy-golden colour).

One of my other favourite YouTube gurus is AModelRecommends - 

She used the shade 85 Mirifique to create a dark smoky eye. It is such a pretty colour. It's an almost black with lots of glitter through it. 
I went to along to a Chanel counter to see if I could purchase it but unfortunately it was sold out, so I looked at what other shades were available in the Long Wear Luminous Eyeshadow collection and chose this shade instead!

Chanel Illusion D'ombre in 82 FantasmeIt costs £23 for a 4g pot and can be purchased from any Chanel counter
I bought mine from Debenhams as I wanted to use my Beauty Rewards card for the points I earned. 

swatch of  Chanel Illusion D'ombre in 82 Fantasme - £23

It's such a pretty colour. Especially for gently highlighting areas of the face, using a small amount cross the eyelid or putting it in the inner corner of the eye to make the eyes appear bigger.  

The product comes in a small box and has a mini eyeshadow brush to apply the product with. I personally would use a fluffy brush or a flat lay down brush to apply this product, but the brush it comes with is great if you want to use this eyeshadow in the form as an eyeliner.

It's super long lasting and after applying it, doesn't budge one bit!
It's an almost 'bouncy' mousse texture in the pot but applys like a cream eyeshadow.

I hope to purchase shade 85 Mirifique soon and also shade 83 Illusoire but I think I'll have to order mine online from Debenhams - www.debenhams.com.

I hope that was useful or helpful guys!
Leave any questions or comments below :)
Thanks for reading!