Wednesday, 18 July 2012

TAIWAN SpecializedMadeByHandEntirely Eyelashes

I was looking through my kit the other day and realised that I needed some new lashes. I only have a few sets of MAC lashes and I always save them for special shoots or occasions. 
I wanted to buy these in bulk - if I could, as it would save me time and money. I searched on Google 'good quality lashes' and these popped up under eBay.

I am really impressed by these lashes. They are such good quality and look fantastic on the eye. They are not heavy or too long and even though some of them are quite dramatic, they do not look synthetic or fake-looking. They really open the eyes up and sit well on the lash line. 

The bonus is - there are so many to choose from! I spent AGES looking through them and finally came up with 3 that would suit most clients and that are ranging from natural to slightly thicker and longer. 

I always buy lashes that have an invisible lash bind as these blend effortlessly into the makeup and look like your own individual eyelashes.
Another fantastic factor about these eyelashes are that they are so, so cheap. What makes it even better is that the postage was free too! I bought 3 sets for £6 including postage!

However, the only down side to buying these would be that they are from Hong Kong - so if you need these lashes in a hurry, I would not recommend them to you unless you can contact the seller for different postage options.
I did not receive mine until 20 days after the dispatch date. But I didn't complain as the Olympics are on at the moment and the postage was free after all! 

Also, they do not come with glue. This is not an issue for me as I always use DUO adhesive to stick lashes on. Cannot beat it. You can buy this at any MAC counter or online at for £10 - 14g tube.

These lashes are too good to keep secret so I will leave the link to the eBayers' profile down below.
They are especially good for anyone starting out in makeup or beauty.

I will definitely be going back for more in the future!
Hope this was helpful guys! 
Leave comments or questions below if you'd like to know anything else. 
Thanks for reading!

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