Tuesday, 31 July 2012

MY favourite O.P.I nail polishes!

Without flash (see colours below in order)

I have hundreds of nail polish bottles from O.P.I, Essie, Dior and Chanel but I have to say, O.P.I is my favourite brand that I go to. 
I have picked out 10 of my most popular shades that I reach for (depending on my mood) and use on both my finger nails and my toe nails.

With flash (see colours below in order)

I love how these polishes last a long time without going 'gloopy' and 'lumpy'. If they do turn thick after a while, I use O.P.I nail polish thinner to even out the texture again. It's fantastic! I simply put 2 drops in and shake the bottle till the consistency is back to normal again.

From left to right :
O.P.I Avoplex, O.P.I Chip Skip, O.P.I Start to finish topcoat and basecoat, O.P.I nail envy, O.P.I files and O.P.I hand cream.

When applying the nail polishes, I make sure my nails are in good shape before applying the colour. O.P.I's Avoplex formula is great for nourishing the cuticle and the nails surface. It makes the nail smooth and hydrated before applying polish. Simply apply one drop and massage into the nail. 

I also use a shiner buffer file and nail file - both O.P.I again - to get the nail into the right shape and texture. I always think that my nail polish lasts longer when I apply it through a salon routine than just sticking it on.

Apply a thin layer of primer such as O.P.I Start to Finish base and topcoat. No fuss! It's 2 in 1 and easy to use.

Follow with 2 coats of your favourite polish and your done! 

I finish with a good moisturiser. The one above is O.P.I tropical citrus massage hand cream and it smells so gorgeous!

I always keep a nail treatment/strengthener (O.P.I nail envy comes in different strengths for different types of nails and uses) and chip resistant polish (O.P.I chip skip) in my nail bag; as it's good to treat the nails after a while if you wear polish all the time. 

Colours from RIGHT to LEFT:

  • Happy anniversary
  • Princesses rule!
  • Heart throb
  • Japanese rose garden
  • Ate berries in the canaries
  • Pink flamenco
  • California raspberry
  • Manicurist of Seville
  • My chihuahua bites!
  • Austin-tatious turquoise

It's hard to narrow them all down but I hope this was helpful or useful guys!
Thanks for reading :)
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  1. I love Opi! Especially Malaga WIne, I'm not really a waitress and No Room For The Blues! :)

    Nice Blog!