Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Dior Shimmer Powder: Amber Diamond and Rose Diamond

I have a handful of makeup artists and beauty bloggers that I religiously follow and Tanya Burr is one of them! I follow her all the time on YouTube and I think she is so amazing! If you haven't seen her vlogs yet, check her out! Her YouTube username is pixi2woo).


Dior Shimmer Powder in 001 Rose Diamond and 002 Amber Diamond

One of her all-time favourite products to use is the Dior Shimmer Powder in Amber Diamond, so I was inspired to go and buy these products to try out in my freelance kit.

The Compact comes with a pouch to keep the packaging protected (last item in picture)

The Dior Shimmer Powders costs £32 each.
I bought mine from the Dior counter within Jarolds. It can be found at any Dior counter or online from their website or stockists. 

Close up of 002 Amber Diamond
Close up of  001 Rose Diamond

Each compact has a range of beautiful shimmers going from light to dark.
Each colour within the compact can be used individually (swiping down each shade) or swept across - mixing all the shades together. I have swept across in the photo below to show the full effect and intensity of the colours when mixed together.

Swatches of both products from left to right
(Rose Diamond and Amber Diamond )

These products can be used as a highlighter taking the lighter colours in the compact and applying it to the high points on the face or blush on the apples of the cheeks. It could even be used as an eyeshadow too!
The shimmer is perfect- not 'disco-looking'. Gives a healthy, radiant glow to the face. 

Overall a great buy! Multi-purpose products that can be used for people in a hurry or makeup artists that want to condense their kits down.

Hope this was helpful or useful guys!
Leave any questions or comments below :)

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