Thursday, 2 August 2012

My favourite grey toned MAC eyeshadow palette

My favourite Grey toned MAC palette

I love MAC. I really do! I wouldn't use any other powder eyeshadow in my kit.
When I first went into MAC, I bought the indiviual eyeshadows which are £12 each from

When I realized that I wanted to be a makeup artist, I started building my kit with MAC. I was fortunate enough to have MAC makeup artists teach me at college and they gave me the chance to have MAC PRO student discount for a year. I recieved 15% off - which is great! Was extremely lucky!

I found out that MAC sold customizable palettes (for blush and eyeshadows).
You can buy the blush palette from MAC or for £11.50
The pro palette blush refills are £14.50 each for 6g and the palette holds 6 blushers

The eye palettes that I use are from MAC or
They are £11.50 each and they hold 15 eyeshadows
The pro palette eyeshadow refill pans that you place into the container can also be found at MAC. 
They are £10 each for 1.5g and can be bought from or at a MAC counter. 

MAC do sell other palettes that can hold less eyeshadows. 
One costs £6.50 and holds 2 eyeshadow refills. The other costs £6.50 and holds 4 pro palette eyeshadow refills.

Close up of my MAC eyeshadows
Swatches of palette going from left to right on each ROW

Here are my shades for my grey toned palette:
(going down each column the palette)
  • White Frost
  • Forgery
  • Brule
  • Shroom
  • Coquette
  • Copperplate
  • Concrete
  • Shale
  • Scene
  • Electra
  • Silver Ring
  • Knight Divine
  • Print
  • Typographic
  • Carbon

These eyeshadows are amazing. Brilliant quality, highly pigmented and range in all different shades and finishes. Well worth the money as they last for ages! 

Top ROW of palette:
white frost, shroom, concrete, electra, print
Second ROW of palette:
forgery, coquette, shale, sliver ring, typographic
Third ROW of palette:
brule, copperplate, scene, knight divine, carbon

These palettes are great for makeup artists or for those who love eyeshadows in general. Good for condensing down kits by not taking individuals everywhere!
Fab to mix together to get different effects and shades. 

I have several other eyeshadow refills that need to be put into palettes, so when I purchase another new container and build it up, I will let you guys know.

I hope you found this review helpful or useful guys.
Let me know what you think!
Leave anu questions or comments below:)
Thanks for reading.

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